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MOP Shell Tiles & Mosaic

Situated in the heart of the world’s largest commerce market in Singapore, Aubritte Design Resources has an exclusive partnership with manufacturers in Indonesia to provide mother of pearl shell tiles and mosaics. Shells tiles & mosaics are individually handcrafted from non endangered shell species originally harvested as a food source from Indo-Pacific ocean regions.


Shells are cut to required sizes, applied to various types of substrate and polished to a shiny jewel-like finish on the surface to reveal true Mother of Pearl quality. Our shell tiles or shell mosaic are suitable for applications in almost any indoor and some outdoor environments. Tiles are available in combinations of most patterns and shapes in any square, rectangular, hexagon or limited custom cut patterns.


In addition to shell tiles & mosaics, Aubritte offers custom made items with shell embedments or attachments. Aubritte sells wholesale only to selected Interior Designers and Specialist Contractors, not to the trade or retail.